Podcast 10.18.2014

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen or played New Girl, John Wick, Alien: Isolation, or Hyrule Warriors and wish not to be spoiled, you may want to skip some sections. Opening/Ending Song: Think- Kaleida (John Wick Soundtrack)


2 thoughts on “Podcast 10.18.2014

  1. kcholme says:

    I didn’t actually. After doing some more digging around, I was unable to identify the actual cause of the image tag being placed into the episode description. That being said, podcast apps tend to realize that it shouldn’t be there, so it will remove it automatically: its only itunes on a computer that will show the episode description with that written into it. Sorry I couldn’t give you an actual solution, but at a certain point it wasn’t really affecting anyone as the majority of our users (if not all) downloaded the episodes through their phone and not on their computer.


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